joshuacitarella [at]


b. 1987 in New York.

Joshua Citarella is an artist and internet culture researcher based in NYC.
He is the founder of Do Not Research.

He has taught at the School of Visual Arts (2018-19) and the Rhode Island School of Design (2020)
He has served as an outside advisor at Carnegie Mellon University (2020) and Tufts University (2021).

His work is included in the collections of the Stedelijk Museum, Netherlands and the Hood Museum of Art in the U.S.
His publications are included in the libraries of the School of Visual Art, Yale University, Harvard University and Fleet Library at the RISD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, among others.


2010     BFA, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

Solo Exhibitions

2021     Bas Fisher Invitational, "Left Futures", Miami, FL

2019     Corcoran School of the Arts and Design at George Washington University, "Forward-Facing Politics", D.C.

2018     9 Herkimer Pl, "Four as One and Three", curated by Kendra Jayne Patrick, Brooklyn, NY

2018     The Ski Club, "Looking Forward", Milwaukee, WI

2017     Higher Pictures, "Someone Who Isn't You", New York, NY

2017     Bahamas Biennale, "Ultraviolet Production House: Showroom", Detroit, MI

2016     Carroll/Fletcher, "Planetary-scale Computation", London, UK

2015     Higher Pictures, "Rez", New York, NY

2013     Higher Pictures, New York, NY

Selected Group Exhibitions

2024     KW Institute for Contemporary Art, "Poetics of Encryption", curated by Nadim Samman, Berlin, Germany
             Kunstal Charlottenborg, "Poetics of Encryption", curated by Nadim Samman, Copenhagen, Denmark
             Pino Pascali Museum, "The Eco-Theatrical Shapeshifter", curated by Like a Little Disaster, Polignano a Mare, Italy
             Coaxial Arts, "The Works of Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman", Los Angeles, CA

2023     M+, "Subject to Shadowban", curated by Dis, Hong Kong
             Fondazione Modena Arti Visive, "Is This Real? Art in the Age of Game Engine Culture", curated by Valentino Catricala, Modena, Italy
             Frankfurter Kunstverein, "Fake Views: Peer to Peer", curated by Eva & Franco Mattes, Frankfurt, Germany
             Galeria Studio, "Imagine a Breath of Fresh Air", curated by Jindrich Chalupecky Society, Warsaw, Poland
             Le Commun, "The Seashore of Endless Worlds", curated by Christian Bili & Samuel Wagen-Magnon, Geneva, Switzerland

2022     SODA: MODAL: SlipStreamSlip. Resistance and Velocity in Game Engine Culture
             Kendra Jayne Patrick, "Twenty-first Century Occupational Adjustments and Considerations, Episode 6: OK, Computer", Basel, Switzerland
             Kendra Jayne Patrick, "Twenty-first Century Occupational Adjustments and Considerations, Episode 6: OK, Computer", New York, NY
             Peel Gallery, "The Terminal: Human Shaped Whole", Carrboro, NC
             Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, "The Influencing Machine", curated by Aaron Moulton, Warsaw, Poland
             Istanbul 74, "Random Forest", organized by Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe, Istanbul, Turkey
             Sotheby's, "Suggested Followers: How the Algorithm is Always Right", curated by Hilde Lynn Helphenstein, New York, NY
             Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology, "The Terminal: Human Shaped Whole", New London, CT
             Kai Matsumiya, Montez Press Radio Fundraiser, New York, NY

2021     Kunstverein in Hamburg, "Proof of Stake: Technological Claims", curated by Simon Denny & Bettina Steinbrugge, Hamburg, Germany
             The 34th Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts: Iskra Delta, curated by Tjasa Pogacar, Ljubljana, Slovenia
             Anonymous Gallery, "The Terminal: Human Shaped Whole", curated by Off Site Project & Jason Isolini, New York, NY
             Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts, "The Terminal: Human Shaped Whole", curated by Off Site Project, Berlin, Germany
             BSMNT gallery, "Toxicfest", Leipzig, Germany

2020     "Pineal Eye Infection", curated by Aaron Moulton, Los Angeles, CA
             "Mutants of Readiness", organized by Kostis Stafylakis & Theo Triantafyllidis, Athens, Greece
             "FiDi Arsenale", curated by Hot Air & Mery Gates, New York, NY

2019     Pablo's Birthday, "Here + Now", curated by Office Impart & Bob Bicknell-Knight, New York, NY
             444 Club, "Jazz! 2", Brooklyn, NY
             Light Factory, "New Flesh", Charlotte, NC
             Nars Foundation, "The Grass is Always #00FF00", curated by Vanessa Kowalski, Brooklyn, NY
             Moonmist, "Ground, As In", Houston, TX
             Bahamas Biennale, "American Fantasy Classics: Tetsuo", Detroit, MI

2018     Downs Ross, "Guarded Future II", New York, NY
             The New Museum, "Rhizome Presents: Comp USA Live", New York, NY
             Bahamas Biennale, "AVP", Detroit, MI
             Chelsea College of Arts, "Duty Free", curated by Bob Bicknell-Knight, London, UK
             Party Content, "Elexposition", curated by Maxime Moinet, Liege, Belgium

2017     The Armory Show, Carroll/Fletcher, New York, NY
             MU, "Materializing the Internet", curated by Nadine Roestenburg, Eindhoven, Netherlands
             Steve Turner Contemporary, "Extracting/Abstracting", Los Angeles, CA
             Carroll/Fletcher, "Looking at One Thing and Thinking of Something Else, Part 4", London, UK
             Postmasters Gallery, "Alt-Facts", curated by Kerry Doran, New York, NY
             630 Flushing Avenue, "Re: 12", curated by Erin Davis and Max C Lee, Brooklyn, NY
             Northern Illinois University Art Museum, "Objectifying the Photograph", curated by Jessica Labatte, Deklab, IL
             Societe d'Electricite, "Time", curated by Els Vermang and Manuel Abendroth, Brussles, Belgium
             Teen Party, "The Recent Future: Strawberries That Taste Like Strawberries", New York, NY

2016     Anonymous Gallery, "Rheo Grande", curated by Kayla Fanelli, Mexico City, Mexico
             Museum of the Image, "Datafestatie", curated by Ward Janssen, Breda, Netherlands
             Vie D'Ange, curated by Eli Kerr and Daphne Boxer, Montreal, QC
             The Photographer's Gallery, "Inside Out Upside Down", curated by Wandering Bears, London, UK
             630 Flushing Avenue, "Re: Re: Re:", curated by Erin Davis and Max C Lee, Brooklyn, NY
             Eduardo Secci Contemporary, "That Feeling", curated by Domenico de Chirico, Florence, Italy
             315 Gallery, "I'd Rather Be Here Than Almighty", Brooklyn, NY
             The Stolbun Collection, "Phantasmagoria Part II", Aspen, CO
             The Stolbun Collection, "Phantasmagoria Part I", Chicago, IL
             Carroll/Fletcher, "Looking at One Thing and Thinking of Something Else, Part 2", London, UK

2015     Bas Fisher Invitational, "Planes", curated by Anna Frost and Annika Kuhlman, Miami, FL
             Clifton Benevento, "Figure 8", curated by Silke Linder, New York, NY
             8 The Esplanade, curated by Jess Carroll and Emma Clough, Toronto, Canada
             Brand New Gallery, "Mediated Images", Milan, Italy
             New Release, New York, NY
             Burns-Zysman, Brooklyn, NY
             Pioneer Works, Under Construction: New Positions in American Photography, Brooklyn, NY
             Galeria Impackto, "Teknology", Lima, Peru

2014     Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, Under Construction: New Positions in American Photography, Amsterdam, Netherlands
             Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, "MOCAtv Presents: a Jogging Screening", Los Angeles, CA
             Red Bull Studios, "DISown", curated by DIS and Agatha Wara, New York, NY (as Jogging)
             HAW Contemporary, "ARENA showcase", Kansas City, MO
             Last Resort Gallery, "Fool Disclosure", curated by Mikkel Carl, Copenhagen, Denmark

2013     Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, "Talent", Amsterdam, Netherlands
             HHDM, "Hot Rare Signed" (w/ Dora Budor), Vienna, Austria
             The Suzanne Geiss Company, "", New York, NY
             New Galerie, "Rematerialized", Paris, France (as Jogging)
             Perfect Present, "Jogging: Temporary", Copenhagen, Denmark
             The Still House Group, "Jogging: Soon", Brooklyn, NY

2012     Higher Pictures, "Photography Is", New York, NY
             Flowers Gallery, "Brush It In", London, UK
             Fuller Projects, "Aufheben", Bloomington, IN
             School of Visual Arts, "True Lies", New York, NY
             Massachusetts College of Art and Design, "Jogging: Art of Politics", Boston, MA
             6895 Collins Avenue, "Jogging: Re-Mixology", Miami, FL

2011     285 Macdougal Street, "Mediation", Brooklyn, NY
             Milk Gallery, "Photofeast", New York, NY
             37 Broadway, "Trespass", curated by Evan Robarts, Brooklyn, NY


2023     Singapore Art Museum, Open Systems1.2_WoW, Unite!
2022, "When Guys Turn 20...", directed by Jacob Hurwitz-Goodman
2021     KW Digital: Open Secret, curated by Nadim Samman
             Impakt, "Weird Gnosis", curated by Inzez de Coo and Marc Tuters
2020     Montez Press Radio: Neoliberal or Libertarian Gameshow
             Yerevan Biennale, "Time Out of Joint", curated by Eva & Franco Mattes
             Tbilisi Architecture Biennial, "Dicho", curated by (ab)Normal
             Triennale Milano, "Dicho", curated by (ab)Normal
             Skelf, "no-longer-being-able-to-be-able", curated by Hang Li
2019     Twitch (-ongoing)
2016     Ultraviolet Production House
             Forbundet Frie Fotografer, "IKEA4IKEA", curated by Agatha Wara
2013     Jogging
             Dis Images
2012     the PSD show
             White Columns Curated Artist Registry


2024     Dunkunsthalle, Class Fantasy: World Championship: North America, New York, NY
2023     Dunkunsthalle, DNR 2022-2023 book launch, New York, NY
             The End, DNR presents GODMODE by Dana Greenleaf & Chris Comfort, Brooklyn, NY
             203 Beach 87th St, Rhizome + Do Not Research: BYoUSB, Queens, NY
2022     Lower Cavity, "Do Not Research", Holyoke, MA
             Arverne Cinema, "Do Not Research in Rockaway", Queens, NY
2019     77 Mulberry, "Perma-falling", New York, NY
             Mery Gates, "Competitive Disadvantage", Brooklyn, NY
2018     Higher Pictures, "Some Kind of Halfway Place", New York, NY
2016     Carroll/Fletcher, "Dense Mesh", London, UK
2013     Compression Artifacts, [undisclosed location]
2012     Prairie Studios, "Merge Visible", Chicago, IL
2011     13 Greenpoint Avenue, "Flatten Image", Brooklyn, NY

Residencies & Grants

2021     Stolbun Institute: Shadowlands
2019     Peter S. Reed Foundation
             Rhizome: Info-Wars
2016     Work In Progress, New York, NY (as Ultraviolet Production House)
2013     The Still House Group, Brooklyn, NY (as Jogging)


2024     "The Dark Forest Anthology of the Internet", Metalabel
             Forever Magazine, Issue #6, "Relics"
             "20 Interviste", Nero Editions (forthcoming)
2023     "Proof of Stake: Technological Claims", Kunstverein in Hamburg
             "Poetics of Encryption: Art and the Technocene", KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Nadim Samman
             "CTRL_SHIFT: The Future of Youth Culture", Dazed Magazine
             Arts of the Working Class, Issue #25: Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
             The Platform Wars
             "Do Not Research 2022-2023"
2022     "Raw Eggs, Pink Pills, and Embodied identity", Issue 21, Document Journal
             "Do Not Research 2021-2022"
             "Zoe's Links"
             "Lore of Linkonia"
             "Should Spotify ban Joe Rogan? Our panel weighs in", The Guardian
             "Up, Down, Left, Right and Sideways", MSCHF MAG, Vol. 06
             "Joshua Citarella", CURA Magazhine, Mike Pepi
             "The Influencing Machine", Aaron Moulton
             "How to Plant a Meme", Do Not Research
2021     "Politigram & the Post-left: Final Version"
             "e-Commerce Drawings", text by Chris Mansour
             "20 Interviews" (2nd Edition)
             "Auto-Experiment: Hyper-Masculinity", Do Not Research
             "There's a New Tactic for Exposing you to Radical Content Online: the 'Slow Red-pill'", The Guardian
             "Are We Ready for Social Media Influencers Shaping Politics?", The Guardian
             "Radical Content"
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             The 34th Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts: Iskra Delta Exhibition Catalog
2020     "20 Interviews"
             "Marxist Memes for TikTok Teens", The Guardian
             "Weak Signals", Rhizome
             "From Techno-libertarianism to Eco-fascism", Spike Art #62: The 2010's
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2018     "Politigram & the Post-left"
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             Out of Order, No. 7, "Uploaded", styled by Avena Gallagher
2014     FOAM, Issue 38, Under Construction: New Positions in American Photography
2013     FOAM, Issue 36, Talent
2012     Dear Dave, Issue 12, "Living in a Perfect World", Chris Wiley
   , "A Conversation With Joshua Citarella"

Selected Press

2024     MH Miller, The New York Times, "Against All Odds, New York's Artist Buildings Have Survived"
             Ezra Marcus, The New York Times, "Making a Scene on the Radio"
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